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Sunday, 22 April 2018


    It may not be wondered what it was that saw the need for Number 2 to be replaced, other than having Number 6 to deal with a new Number 2, which effectively placed him back at square one. Like in the game Snakes and Ladders, he’s doing pretty well, but landing on a snake’s head sends him sliding down, sometimes all the way back to square one, so that he has to start all over again!
    “Get him.”
    “I have taken his place, I am the new Number Two.”
    “Get Number One.”
    “As far as you are concerned I’m in charge.”
    Well that’s right, after all Number 2 is Chairman of The Village, Chief Administrator. So really that’s why no-one but Number 6 persists with the question who is Number One, while to others Number 2 is in charge. It really doesn’t matter who Number One is, he’s not overseeing the day to day running of The Village.
    But I suppose the first Number 2 did fail when he sent the maid to play on Number 6’s sympathies in order to extract some kind of information from him. But Number 6 didn’t show the young woman any sympathy, only the door!

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Village Life!

    “What’s the password?”
    “I was going to ask you that.”
    “Ask me what?”
    “What’s the password?”
    “I asked you first.”
    “I didn’t realize there was a password, is it Gemini?”
    “No, perhaps its schizoid man.”
    “It wouldn’t be that would it?”
    “No, I don’t suppose it would be.”
    “The atmosphere here is very different to what it was elsewhere.”
    “What made you say that?”
    “I don’t know, it’s just a turn of phrase.”
    “What like Jacque has a long moustache.” 
    “Does he?”
    “Jacque has a long moustache, I hadn’t noticed.”
    “No, it’s a recognition code they used in the war, to pass on instructions to the French rĂ©sistance.”
    “Well in the army they would say halt who goes there friend or foe?”
    “Step forward and be recognized friend.”
    “Good, well I’m pleased we’ve sorted that out.”
    “See you later in the canteen?”
    “You bet and remember it’s your turn to pay for the teas and buns!”

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Call The Substitute!

    The white Queen’s Rook suddenly had a brainwave, or a sudden attack of individualism, by making a move without being told to move! Basically chess is played by two opponents who only have themselves to rely upon, unless you decide to make it interesting. By that I mean instead of two players, you have four players, two players on both sides who make a move in turn. I have played chess that way, either when the two players on the same side who confer between moves, or much more interestingly, making their moves independently of their co-player. But on the chessboard it’s much more a team game, each chess piece is dependent on the moves made by those on its side. I learned to play that way at school.
    There can be no room for individualism.
    “Check!” the white Queen’s Rook shouted.
    But it was an illegal move, no order was given for the Rook to make a move, and in any case the opposing chess player had already castled, and therefore the King was being protected by the King’s Rook. And then the call for the substitute came from the Control Room, a voice booms out across The Village through the public address system.
    “Call the substitute, call the substitute, the substitute, the substitute, call the substitute.”
   The Supervisor orders the Rook to be taken to the hospital, and is removed from the chessboard on a stretcher! Then the substitute Rook takes his place on the chessboard, standing on the square upon which the former Rook stood before he made a move of his own.
   This call for a substitute, does that mean a substitute had been standing by the side of the chessboard just in case he was needed? Why, why would they expect that a substitute chess piece would be required? Perhaps it was anticipation of what the white Queen’s Rook would do! It might be the Rook had been mentally adjusted so that he would make the illegal move he did. And then removing him from the chessboard on a stretcher it would raise Number 6’s curiosity, which it did. And the next day when Number 2 met with Number 6
    “Hallo, enjoy your chess yesterday?”
    “Don’t tell me you care?”
    “Well of course, we want you to be happy.”
    “Fine, give me a one-way ticket home.”
    “Won’t you ever give up?”
    “What do you think?”
    “You know you’re wrong, we have ways, if you drive us to them.”
    “I can imagine.”
    “It’s all done under the strictest medical supervision.”
    “I can guess that by the state of the man you took yesterday!”
    “What the Rook? Oh no, he’ll come to no harm, it’s just a rehabilitation course.”
    “You make it sound very attractive, what do you want me to do, envy him?”
    “Ha, ha, ha, like your sense of humour. But we can’t have you worrying get in.”
    “I’m going to the hospital, I thought perhaps you’d like to see our friend the Rook.”
   And from that moment Number 2 had involved Number 6 with the Rook. But to what end? To accidental betrayal on the part of the Rook, I say accidental, because it wasn’t really his fault. Really Number 6 only had himself to blame!

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Friday, 20 April 2018

Caught On Camera!

   On the day after his arrival, when the Prisoner was being discharged from the hospital, as well as having been given new clothes, a medical orderly issued the Prisoner with a credit card, health and welfare card, and a card of identity. The only time we see a card of identity used, is in ‘The General,’ when Number 2 is going into the projection room. Why the need to show the security guard his identity card, wasn’t the badge he wears not enough to identify him? But then perhaps not, after all when Number 6 masquerades as a Top Hat official of the Board of Education he wears the number 56, but that doesn’t make him 56. So really the wearing of a numbered badge isn’t necessarily a badge of identity because just about anyone could be wearing it!

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Bureau of Visual Records

    After Number 6 had finished telling his fairytale, Number 2 switched off the wall screen and discussed the disappointment of this latest failure with his assistant Number 10. “Oh well, it was worth a try Number Two” she told him. Then suddenly Number 6 is pictured on the wall screen with a toy clown.
    “Goodnight children, everywhere.”
    So who turned the wall screen back on?

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Thought For The Day

    Number 6 is a prisoner of his past, of what he once was, and no longer wishes to be. He resigned, and yet his past remains with him, it’s why he’s in The Village. Why when he escapes, or thinks he’s escaped, he goes running back to his ex-colleagues because he considers them to be the only people who can help him!
    It must have taken a great deal of thought, and courage to resign from a job he was so good at. Such was his ability, and loyalty to the job. He may well have anguished over the decision he was about to make for a long time. He was about to throw away his life, what he was, deciding it’s not what he wanted to be any longer. But what of his immediate future, a holiday, to go somewhere different, somewhere quiet where he can think? What future can an ex-Secret Agent have? He could sell out, or he could make a profession for himself as a private detective, selling himself for a few bucks a day, while travelling the world living out of a suitcase! If “they” would let him. Ex-Secret Agents are generally kept on a long leash, because of the information they have, and perhaps with the option that one day they might be returned into the fold. But not Number 6, he’s far too valuable to be left at liberty, he has information which needs both protecting and extracting. First why did he resign? Secondly of all the files he’s seen, the projects he knows about, just headings, not details, oh yes, and does he know where Seltzman is? Its details in Number 6’s past that makes the man so important, and because he refuses to give any information away is why he will remain a prisoner!

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This Evening I Shall Be Watching THEPRIS6NER - ANVIL

    Tonight 'Anvil,' and the question of surveillance. And it would seem that surveillance cameras have taken a big step backwards since the days of the original 'Prisoner' series. Because "Undercovers" have to go and physically install what are called "Roach Cams." And then two "Undercovers" have to sit on places like roof tops, and record the surveillance film footage on a lap top! What's more "Undercovers do not even try to blend in. 909 and Six while working together as "Underovers," go the to swimming pool. They are wearing ordinary clothes, instead of swimming trunks, and they both stick out like sore thumbs!
   We also learn that there is no Number 1. There has never been a Number 1, and there never will be. This according to Village history, as told by schoolgirl 1,100.
   Two offers Six the opportunity to work against him as an “Undercover,” and Six will do anything to work against Two. It is a trap set by Two, but Two wants to see if Six can turn the situation to his own advantage!
   Anvil questions surveillance, which is part of our everyday lives today. No-one knows who is watching who in the Village. "Undercovers" themselves may be under surveillance by other "Undercovers." So much so that everyone in the Village could be watching everyone else, and everyone is suspect!    
    Six is recruited by Two to work as an Undercover, to work with 909 who is Two’s best undercover, he thought Six would have noticed that! Would Six really work for Two? Oh no, no, no, not for him, but for the people he would be watching. Six pronounces so loudly his opposition to Two, his disbelief of everything Two and The Village stands for, people might trust him. Two already has his suspects, and he knows that Six wants to meet with dreamers. So Two offers Six the apparatus and expertise of their highly trained and well financed undercover operations to do just that. 
  Six “Why would you give me all that, if it wasn’t a trap?”
  Two “My dear Six, it is a trap. You have such a high opinion of yourself. I wondered if you would be clever enough to turn this opportunity to your own advantage. Still….”
  “Everything you say is a trap. Alright lets do it.”
 Cue opening credits……………….. 
NER-09 scriptwriter Bill Gallagher employed this idea in the episode ‘Anvil.’ When Six, working undercover as a school teacher, he asks the pupils in his class the oldest question in Village history. 1,100 replies “There is no Number One. There has never been a Number One, and there never will be." The concept of the Number Two is an act of humility. The title reminds us all that we are all public servants, even Number Two.” As for Number Two, it was Number 2 the 14th who oversaw the reformation of The Village. As for the first woman Number 2, well it wasn’t Lady Two the Great, as suggested by one pupil. I thought it was Mary Morris! But as for there being no Number 1, that that there has never been a Number One, and that there never will be, what about Six being the One, as suggested by Two and proclaimed by both 147 and the people of The Village? Perhaps 1,100 got it wrong, and Six was the first Number 1!

“Breathe in.......breathe out......Village life goes on.”
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